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There’s no doubt about it, the parks are one of the best inventions of the urban architecture; a creation of the European culture and their intention to evoke the wildlife in the city. Since the seventeenth century the parks became fundamental places for the arts in general and specially for the literature world, for example the novels of Dumas and Flaubert use them in an extraordinary way. They are totally magic: middle of the city chaos offer a territory where is possible to go back to our countryside origins. See us surrounded with trees, take off our shoes and enjoy a pic-nic near to any water source is entirely liberating and necessary to recharge energy. That’s why happiness is a park and in fact is not a coincidence that the current city planning is mainly focus on the creation of urban parks.

3. Giardino Botanico

The Tête d’or park at Lyon is a natural refuge next to the Rne, one of the city’s rivers, on the Villeurbanne district. Is very interesting to see the contrast between the traditional zone of the park and the modern site of the International City. The park’s design was appointed on 1857 to the brothers Eugène and Denis Buhler, famous landscapers that created and artificial lake of 16 ha, around it all the project have been developed taking inspiration of the English landscaping, making a 105 ha park. The total area includes more of 8.800 trees, a zoo and the famous botanical garden with 15.000 plant species.

In addition, the area surrounding the park since the metro station of Foche, one of the most elegant areas of the city where you can find the best hotels, to Stalingrad street and arriving at the Piazza del General Leclerc, is full of interesting places to explore. The International City which was projected by Renzo Piano and landscape architect Michel Corajoud, is a modern city in harmony with nature dedicated to lodge spaces such as cinemas, museums, restaurants and hotels. Then there is also the Museum of Contemporary Art dedicated to experimental activities, both artistic and curatorial, is hosts only to temporary exhibitions. Until now the Tête d’Or Park is on the top 5 of my favorite places in Lyon because, undoubtedly, happiness is a park.


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