Vida 5punto€. Old Lugdunum

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To live with 5 euro per day and get to enjoy a city at the same time is necessary to choose carefully the places that worth to visit. I rather the diurnal cultural attractions over the nighttime ones that are also more expensive, clearly to take a beer in a good restaurant is always a good plan and Lyon offers nice and cheap places to go ( I will talk about that in future posts). But every city have the must places to see, in this case, the Fourvière district and the Gallo-Roman museum are essential.

3. La mia casa a Lugdunum

Lyon, Lungdunum on the Roman Empire, is beeing the capital of Gaules and fundamental passages between the italic populations and the Gaul ones. The influences of Italian cultures is palpable almost in every angle of the old city, especially on the medieval architecture with terracotta narrow streets and small balconies. For me, honestly, after have visited in Rome almost any roman ruin seems not as spectacular, even though I decided to go to the museum because of its structure that is perfectly amalgamated with the land called my attention. The project was commissioned to the architect Bernard H. Zehrfuss and was opened on 1975.

The museum is so well camouflaged that it was not easy to find it; indeed is located right next to the ruins of the theater and is built inside the mountain. With a splendid helicoidally form that develops a downward path through which you can explore the collection, but first of all see the ruins with privileged view thanks to the huge windows that look out the landscape. Besides I saw the great temporary show for children My home in Lugdunum, an interactive exhibition very well curated where children can approach to ancient history through videos, installations and games.

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