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One of the cheapest and more effective plans to get to know a city is to take de surface transports to go from the center to the peripheries. It’s a perfect tour for a rainy day, to do when you are tired and moreover the price is just one or two subway tickets. Besides. is for sure the best way to see the city’s architectonical multiplicity. Is amazing how at Lyon is possible to start from the Gallo-roman ruins and classic baroque architecture of Croix-Rousse just a the ultramodern museum of Confluence, going through the Nineteenth Century modernism of the river’s contiguous streets.

2. Halle Tony Garnier

I started my route from the metro station of Croix- Rousse to the Villeurbanne’s limits at Charpennes – a city north suburb – where I took the tramway to the south, the idea was to go from Park Gerland to Tete d’Or park on the north. From Charpennes to the Auditorium the zone conserves the classic lionese style but the buildings have been adapted to became offices. To the south there’s Guillotiere district, known for being the first and principal last century immigration neighborhood that’s way is a vibrant district full of ethnic food markets and restaurants.

The Halle of Tony Garnier’s region in a wonderful architectural project of which I will speak in a next post, the east-south district of Etat-Unis have a typical suburb atmosphere and finally the north zone with the amazing park pf Tete d’Or with the botanical garden inside. I appreciated very much the architectural consistency of Lyon, the transition between the center and the conurbations is not disruptive and creates a pleasant continuum. Is not usual that the district far from the center of the city are aesthetically amusing but in this city the conserve a certain elegance made of light colors for facades and red tiles, where the public libraries and parks are all over.


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